Super FlourA nutrient-enhanced baking flour with a blend of whole organic grains, antioxidants, prebiotics and natural minerals.   If you are following the Wysong Optimal Health Program™, you are dramatically reducing the carbohydrate portion of the diet.  But when you do bake, here is the best flour ingredient, making you compromise the least.  Specifically designed to preserve the high nutrient content of whole, natural ingredients grown on fertile, pesticide-free soils that have been nurtured – not mined.  Includes whole organic grains, antioxidants, prebiotics and natural minerals. To add natural nutrition, use in recipes for general cooking and baking purposes.   When used in place of other flours, Super Flour provides the natural, synergistic nutrition found only in whole foods.  We call Super Flour "the baking ingredient with nutritional muscle."  If you'd like to try Super Flour, take advantage of our discount offer.  

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