Better Skin & Coat Health
    Wisconsin: "I’ve been taking my dog to the vet for a hot spot. I have been doctoring her since last November. I have tried numerous creams. I started giving her Synorgon™ and the hot spot is improving. I am sold on Synorgon!"  
Helps Digestive Problems
    Internet: "I just wanted to let you know that yours is the ONLY cat food that has not made my cat, Souki, throw up. I thought that the food I was feeding her was high quality. I’d tried a number of different brands before settling on another brand, and they all made her barf. I’d just come to accept that her throwing up was part of being a cat. The point that Wysong™ is superior was driven home last night. I fed Souki a can of another brand’s food when I got home from work and this morning when I woke up, the white living room rug was covered with cat barf. From now on, it’s Wysong™ food all the way. You’ve found a lifelong customer. Thanks!" 

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