Veterinary Kudos
    Veterinarian, California: "One particular case stands out in my mind: A former client’s 11-year-old Springer Spaniel (which was lethargic, obese, and had dermatitis and kidney problems) was put on Wysong Diets™. Just a few weeks ago I saw her in my former practice and didn’t even recognize her dog – he bounced out the door. I noticed his body condition and hair coat. I couldn’t believe it was the same dog. She feeds her dog Senior™ and it looks and acts like a young dog. The owner is very happy, to say the least. The dog has only been on Wysong Diets for 5 months!"  
Better Human Health
    Internet: "I love cats, but my allergy to them would not allow me to have these wonderful pets in my home, and I had no furry companions for 10+ years. However, I stayed at the home of a friend who had a cat, and nothing happened. No allergic reactions! The cat was very friendly and sat on my lap, and still nothing. I know that allergies to the cat are to the dander and the saliva. I also know that a human’s diet can affect the skin and organ function, so I took a chance and got a rescue cat and fed her what my friend fed her cat. Wysong™. I suffered for three days with runny nose and asthma, but then it cleared. That old cat (10 years old) did very well on Wysong products. And I now have two cats…The important note is that people need to understand what they are doing to their companion animals when they feed them the grocery store food, and that if they are more particular, there may be no animal allergies in the home." 

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