Wysong Pet Inoculant:   Microorganisms populate the intestines and colon in numbers 10 times greater than the total number of cells in the body itself.  There is a delicate balance, however, between those organisms which contribute to health (probiotics) and those which can cause disease.  Dietary probiotics can help rebalance the digestive tract in favor of health.  While conventional medicine is just recently beginning to recognize the vital importance of probiotics in the diet, Wysong has long understood this.  Pet Inoculant was developed years ago based upon the logic of nature, foretelling this breakthrough scientific understanding.  (See "Rationale for Probiotics" for more information.)
    Pet Inoculant is an orally-dosed concentration of probiotic cultures and immunoglobulins chosen for their specific health-enhancing activity in pets, as well as their competitive inhibition of pathogenic bacteria.  Use at birth, weaning, in conjunction with antibiotic therapy, and during any stressful condition.
    If you'd like to try Pet Inoculant, take advantage of our discount offer.  

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