Wysong Immulyn™:   The immune system operates as a powerful defense, shielding the body from the most common cold to the most troublesome allergies to the most deadly cancers.   Every year, Americans suffer 1 billion colds and 35-50 million cases of the flu (more than 20,000 people die).  Allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic disease in the United States, costing the healthcare system over $18 billion annually.  And despite a multibillion dollar research and medical campaign since President Nixon's "War on Cancer," one out of three Americans now living will eventually get cancer.
    Wysong Immulyn harnesses the healing power of nature and science to support the body's own natural defenses against these and countless other conditions.  It is a sophisticated blend of immune-stimulating mushrooms, amino acids and other natural nutrients.  If you'd like to try  Immulyn, take advantage of our discount offer.  

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