Superb Health & Disease Prevention
   Internet: “My parents own a 7-year-old German Shepherd and they have been feeding her Wysong™ dry food (Synorgon™ and Maintenance™) and fresh raw meat, bones and vegetables since she was 3.  She has never been sick (not even one visit to the vet) since she has been eating your food.  She lives outdoors, breathes fresh air everyday and has the ideal weight.  She has absolutely no white hair on her face and has a lot of energy.  She just looks like a young adult.” 
    Pets Prefer Wysong
    Arizona: “I love Dentatreat™.   Both dogs and cats always accept it without a problem.  They just love it.   My older cats love Geriatrx™.   Also Peanut Butter Plus™ is awesome.  I’ve turned a lot of people on to it.   Everyone I’ve had try it loves it.  

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