1.  Foundation Formulas™:  These supplements provide optimal daily nutritional insurance.  They are designed work together synergistically, and can result in dramatic health benefits when used in accordance with The Optimal Health Program™.   Formulas include vitamin and mineral supplements, nutrient concentrates, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, enzymes and probiotics.
    2.  Vivreis™:   A nutritional supplement designed to support alertness, mental stimulation, waking, elevated mood, and neurochemicals.  For detailed information, see "Rationale for Vivreis."
    3.  Neuridone™:   A nutritional supplement designed to support the health of the brain, spinal cord, afferent and efferent neurons.  For detailed information, see "Rationale for Neuridone."
    4.  See the PhotoTherapy Lighting section on for various phototherapy lighting units.

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