July 24, 2017
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July 24, 2017

Breast Cancer in Men, Women, and Children - Part 2

Dr. Wysong

At one time or another, cancer affects every family in America. Most give it no heed until it strikes. Then terror takes over and help is desperately sought.

In spite of so much failure, mainstream cut-burn-poison medicine is thought to be the only hope.

It isn't. But coming to realize that requires some effort. True hope can only follow informed decisions. With the Internet, simply playing victim and relying on self-proclaimed experts is inexcusable.

Search natural or alternative cancer treatment and a world of nontoxic approaches can be found. Holistic medical professionals can also be consulted for direction.

This article will give you some ideas to get you started.

Most of what can be done will be things you do for yourself. Lifestyle and nutritional things can have a dramatic impact on preventing and curing cancer. Doing even one of these things can cut your risk or improve your chances of healing by 50%. Each thing you do on top of that multiplies those odds. Many examples exist of late stage cancers with metastases being reversed with this informed and proactive approach.

Proof that cancer is a societal and environmental thing–not genetics or bad luck–is the fact that people who move here from cancer free cultures adopt American cancer rates in one generation.

Steps to consider:

1. Don't confuse cancer screening with prevention. Moreover, conventional cancer screens such as mammography give a majority of false positives and can even incite or exacerbate cancer. (False positives are also true for many other clinical tests, including the PSA prostate cancer test in men) The shock of being told you have cancer when you do not can result in post traumatic stress that in itself could cause cancer.

(I know people, and the medical community, tend to think that things of the mind do not affect the body. The materialistic medical approach assumes parts can be added, deleted, and edited with impunity and without consequence. In working on my new edition of the Solving The Big Questions book I found research that dramatically proves otherwise. Leukocytes (immune cells) extracted from a person's blood can be kept alive In a lab and hooked to electrodes. A tracing of the cell's electrical activity is made similar to the way a polygraph works. The person from whom the cells are taken goes miles away and is shown a movie that will have a disturbing scene personal to them. At the instant the person reports being shocked by the scene, the polygraph tracing of the leukocytes–miles away--shows a dramatic deflection from the flat line. This proves that the mind not only affects our immune system, but that our body is an integrated whole, the parts of which are unaffected by time or distance.)

Increasingly, younger women are developing breast cancer. But radiographs (x-rays) are contraindicated in young women. Thermography is a better and safer alternative. (International Academy of Clinical Thermography–for certified sources)

False mammography diagnoses results in 800,000 unnecessary biopsies each year, which in turn leads to more x-rays, which in turn leads to increased risk of cancer from the x-rays.

Other safer diagnostic methods include, aside from thermography, self examination, MRI, ultrasound, and elastography (Hoxsey Clinic). (Internet search these or any other words in this article for more information.)

Keep in mind that any alternative to the accepted medical standard of care is going to be met with resistance by mainstream medicine. Doctors are trained in a narrow view of health that fits the body-as-mere-matter, symptom based pharmacological paradigm. Little or no training is given on how health is created or on natural healing modalities such as nutrition or lifestyle and environmental factors.

Moreover, cancer is a profit center. At $10,000 per dose and a million dollars for some treatment regimens, the medical industry gets rich but people in droves are going bankrupt. If cures were the result, that is one thing. But treatment and billing, not results, seem to be the focus. Billions of dollars flow in and through the existing industry creating incentive for immovable prejudice by those making a living off of keeping things as they are. Financial links can often be found between cancer organizations, pharma, doctors, hospital industries, and the FDA. As usual, follow the money.

2. Stop doing what causes and exacerbates cancer in order to give natural approaches a chance to work:
  • Don't panic. 80% of breast cancers are not aggressively invasive and give you time to get informed, be proactive, and wait and watch.
  • Decrease or eliminate sugar and soft drinks and change to a more natural diet.
  • Eliminate toxic chemicals from your environment including personal care items.
  • Stop drinking from plastic bottles that emit toxins.
  • Decrease radiation and ground yourself. (Internet search: emf dangers and earthing).
  • Eliminate drugs (particularly synthetic hormones) by consulting a holistic practitioner.
  • Decrease alcohol–a half glass per day may benefit, but two glasses increase risk by 50%. In men alcoholism can induce breast cancer.

3. Start doing what creates health:
  • Convert to a ketogenic diet. (Internet search cancer and ketogenic diets)
  • Eat natural, organic, non-gmo, free range foods, raw to the degree you can since heat always diminishes nutritional value and increases toxins.
  • Vitamin D from the sun, or from supplements when there is not sufficient sun. Blood serum levels should be 50-80 ng/dl.
  • A full range of supplements including omega-3 fatty acids (wild fish, sardines, anchovies, freshly ground flax, chia, hemp seeds)
  • Phytochemicals from plants and supplements: turmeric, antioxidants, cruciferous veggies (for inhibiting plant estrogens).
  • Regular exercise–just walking during toxic chemotherapy can double the survival time.
  • Take control–taking charge of your own health puts you in a positive creative mode which is highly stimulatory to health.
  • Do what you can to decrease stress.
  • Drink 2-4 quarts of purified alkaline water daily.
  • Get plenty of sleep in the dark–best if from about 10pm to 6am.
  • Explore nontoxic alternative therapies from qualified sources, as below, including things you can implement right at home such as infrared saunas, hyperthermia, and hyperbaric oxygen. (Commercial and homemade versions can be found on YouTube and elsewhere.)
4. Credible alternative nontoxic resources (Internet search the names for consultation or more information):
  • Dr. Christine Horner
  • Dr. Veronique Desaulniers is a breast cancer survivor using natural methods and now offers coaching to those afflicted with the disease.
  • Dr. Anderson, Advanced Medical Therapies, Seattle, WA–Holistic and natural approaches to advanced cancer and other health challenges. Therapies include infusion therapy (IV), hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), and infrared sauna - mild hyperthermia (IRMHT).
  • Dr. Keith Block–The Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment (reportedly triples survivability)
  • Cancer Treatment Centers of America
  • Consider what your conventional oncologist recommends by asking for proof that the recommendations are safe and effective. Surgical debulking is often of benefit but also may hasten the spread. Doctors must be able to refer you to scientific literature. If you cannot understand it, ask a holistic doctor to help you sort it out.
  • Tijuana cancer facilities
  • Germany hyperthermia clinics
  • Manhattan Cancer Clinic
  • Infrared sauna therapy for cancer
  • Dendritic cell therapy for cancer
  • Stem cell therapy (not embryonic, but somatic from your own body) for cancer
  • Life Vessel–immune stimulation for cancer
  • Suzanne Somers is an example of a layperson who turned herself expert after experiencing cancer. Her Knockout book provides an excellent resource for alternative cancer doctor references.
  • Pediatric cancer help sites by parents whose children survived cancer with integrative care: Mykidcurescancer.com; Zuzasway.com
  • Psilocybin mushroom derivative for treatment resistant depression and anxiety. One dose creates transformation lasting months. Dr. Roland Griffiths, Johns Hopkins.
  • Wysong Resource Directory
If you are diagnosed with or have existing cancer, arrange a consultation with an experienced holistic clinician who can help coach you. The first three in the above list would be a good start. In the meantime, make it your goal in life to become fully informed and take control of your own body. That in itself can set you on the road to healing.


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