November 15, 2013
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November 15, 2013


Sweet Dreams
Sleep is necessary for both mental and physical health. Lack of it is deadly at worst, and at the least will impair memory and our ability to think. Additionally, sleep deprivation causes changes in the brain to such a degree that brain activity becomes similar to people who have psychiatric disorders. Lack of good sleep results in metabolic alterations that make us feel hungry. Severe lack of sleep causes the brain to stop producing new cells, increases our risk of diseases such as cancer and diabetes, and accelerates aging.

Adults need to get between six and nine solid hours of sleep each night. Everyone has advice about this, but here’s some more: Monitor what you eat before bedtime to see how it influences your sleep. If you nap during the day, make it as early as possible and short. Long naps just use up your sleep-inducing melatonin. Sleep in the dark. Unplug appliances and electronics to decrease electrical fields. Ground your bed to the earth (see Going Bare). Watch television programs that are educational—such concentration creates sleepiness. Better yet, read or listen to educational and self-improvement tapes. Do not engage in arguments before bedtime or read letters that may be upsetting. Turn the phone off. Keep room temperature on the cool side but be sure to have plenty of covers. Do physical activity during the day that creates tiredness. Get as much sunshine as possible. Let fresh air into the room, or if closed use a negative ion generator.

Get to bed as early as possible to maximize hours of sleep. (We have lives, so waking time is not as flexible as the get-to-bed time can be.) If you wake in the middle of the night, stay in bed, keep your eyes closed to rest them, and solve some of the problems that lie before you for the next day or create something in your mind. Use supplements as necessary, but do not use sleep drugs. Figure out why you are not sleeping and fix it.

Paranoid for Good Reason?
Just so the nagging fears that keep us awake at 3:00 AM can be properly organized, the people at recently worked with Kilbourne in San Diego to weigh everyday risks. Here are just a few of the fun facts—

You are 50 times more likely to be killed by a bee than by a shark; you are far more likely to be killed by a car (40,000 annually) than a gun (not counting suicides only about 13,000 annually); a backyard trampoline is more likely to injure you (100,000 per year) but a backyard pool is far more likely to kill you (1,000 American pool drownings per year); lightning really is dangerous (42 deaths per year on average) but hail is rarely fatal (last reported 1979). Of course you are still more likely to be killed by lightning than a plane crash. And finally, believe it or not, you should not stop fearing the plague if you are in the Western part of the U.S. – bubonic plague is endemic among ground squirrels in the West, and far more likely to kill you than a mountain lion, although admittedly unlikely.

Of course none of this is to mention the number one killer today that people are clamoring for more free access to—modern medical care (see Stopping the Number One Killer)., Inc.

Radon Warnings
Radon is an odorless but dangerous radioactive gas created by decaying uranium found in water, rock, or soil. It is second only to smoking as a lung cancer cause, and can be found in old homes as well as new construction. Some people believe granite countertops, now so popular, may be a source of radon in new homes and apartments. The Environmental Protection Agency advises that we ask whether the home or apartment we are moving into has been tested, and follow up to get it done if it has not. If your radon readings remain above 4 pCi/L, you will need to have radon reduction repairs with expert advice. Each state has a state radon office, or you can also turn to the National Radon Helpline – (800) 557-2366 – for advice. AOL News.


More proof of the powerful and safe effectiveness of natural therapies

High dietary glycemic index (rapidly digested sugars and carbs) linked to inflammatory disease mortality in the elderly. Am J Clin Nutr.

Curcumin protects against progression of colorectal cancer associated with colitis. Mol Nutr Food Res.

Maternal calcium supplementation during pregnancy reduces risk of dental caries in children. Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand.

Antioxidant status a reliable predictor of prognosis in hemodialysis patients. Nephron Clin Pract.

Dietary soy supplementation improves symptoms associated with menopause. Maturitas.

Consumption of food-based antioxidants beneficial in treatment of ocular diseases. Ophthalmic Res.

Artificially-sweetened soft drinks increase risk of pre-term delivery. Am J Clin Nutr.

Patients with end-stage renal disease benefit from supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids. J Ren Nutr.

Zinc supplementation benefits tuberculosis patients undergoing treatment. J Indian Med Assoc.


Happiness is a result of one's own efforts, once one knows the necessary ingredients—simple tastes, a certain degree of courage, self denial to a point, love of work, creativity, and, above all, a clear conscience.


The Wysong Directory of Alternative Resources is a guide to alternative sources of health care, self-improvement, environmental improvement and much more. Over 335 Resources. This is where you turn when you have a problem that is not being solved, want an alternative medical second opinion, and want help getting control of your own health destiny. Updated weekly and currently over 60 pages front and back.

Below is a sampling of the helpful resources you can use to take control of your own health destiny, listed in the Wysong Resource Directory:

Holistic Dental Association Breastfeeding Tips and Guide
- Website explains benefits of breastfeeding, and offers tips for new mothers, including feeding positions, as well as a chart of common changes during the first few weeks after birth.

Start Sampling
- Register to get samples from hundreds of companies that allow you to try their products for free.


Man Cut in Half

Mission Statement

Dear Friend:

The Wysong Healthletter is now well into its third decade of continuous publication. It is offered free to help you make a better you and a better world.

I long ago came to realize that the most worthy role of any doctor is to teach people how not to need them. This led me away from practice where treating symptoms is the primary tool and a misinformed public has come to expect magic bullet cures. But no disease is ever caused by the lack of a drug, and no treatment—save that for trauma or defect—ever improves an organism. Medical intervention is, in fact, now the number one cause of death and suffering in our modern world.

Illness, in large part, comes from wrong thinking. Health requires an open-minded, fact-based philosophy of life and an ambition to make yourself the best you can be. Thoughtlessly following convention and laziness are irreconcilable with health.

Wellness requires a deep respect for the great unknowns of life and the power of natural healing forces. Pretending that we can command nature and that the body is a mere machine that can be manipulated with impunity by "experts" is an illusion of both professionals and the public.

So it is my hope that this newsletter will help you to take control of your own health destiny, trust the healing powers within and in nature, and understand that ultimately wellbeing is about what you do to yourself, not what someone else can do to you.

Dr. Wysong

Wysong Institute

(A non-profit educational, research, and philanthropic organization)

The purpose of the Institute is to help true victims, particularly children and animals, and make sure the dollars used go directly and efficiently to the point of need.

Where can we help?
If you know of a worthy cause that is managed by volunteers (no fat salaries to siphon off donations), please send details for us to consider. We have limited resources but if we like the cause and you can prove the money is used efficiently, we will certainly give consideration.

How you can help?
Any contribution to the Institute is tax deductible and is used virtually in its entirety for the philanthropic end.
Dr. Wysong
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