December 3, 2012
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December 3, 2012


More Pet Food Regulation Nonsense

Dr. Wysong

Wysong produces both human and animal nutritional products. Now, you would think that regulations would be much tighter for humans. But they aren't. Not by a long shot. Our animal nutrition center is regulated and inspected by the FDA and USDA, but also by each of 50 state regulatory agencies. It takes enormous manpower to do all the filings and comply with all the p's and q's. Pet food manufacturers must make monthly and yearly sales reports and pay exorbitant "registration" fees to each state regulatory authority. It is an extortion of sorts--"If you want to do business here, pay the bag man or we'll chase you out of town." Such is not the case for our baby, child, and human products. How can that be explained?

In my book, The Truth About Pet Foods, I devote a chapter to the crazy regulatory rules conjured up by these regulatory agencies. If it does not make you aghast, it is at least a humorous read.

And it never ends. Recently a regulator demanded that we not call chicken meat on our label "meat." She also demanded that we put an asterisk by the amino acid taurine, and even attempted to make us remove our website counsel that people not feed one food at every meal. If we did not do these things--and make many more trite revisions--she threatened to put a "stop sale" on the products. We questioned the logic of the diktats she was attempting to impose. The result was that within a few days three state regulatory agencies swooped down upon us with "inspections" and threatening to call the sheriff to shut us down if we did not comply with all their label and website verbiage demands.

We have spent months debating these and other picayune issues with regulators out of principle, and also because of the costs involved. Packaging must be purchased in large rolls and it is very expensive to create printing plates. To make a change would mean discarding huge amounts of packaging and incurring high costs to make plate changes.

The waste, environmental toll, and costs throughout the industry ultimately filter down to consumers with inflated prices with no returned value. Another travesty is that while all the costs and picayune regulations have never benefitted one animal or person, regulators' stamp of approval on the "100% complete and balanced" myth (which regulators are trying to prevent us from exposing) has and does visit disease and death upon millions of animals and imposes huge costs and tragedy upon their caretakers.

I bring this to your attention not to say that some regulation is not important and necessary. But when government swells beyond its useful purpose, we citizens can expect to have to pay not only the economic toll, but ultimately the loss of our freedoms. In addition, this should put to rest the rumors that continue to circulate that pet food companies are unpoliced vigilantes and unsophisticated, putting things like road kill, euthanized pets, and trash in their foods.

Not only is none of this permitted, but consumers can now sleep easy knowing there are fleets of inspectors across the country making sure pet food label punctuation is correct and chicken meat is not called meat.

Suicide Rates Becoming More Alarming

Suicide rates in the U.S. now surpass auto accident deaths, according to a recent study from the Center for Disease Control. Economic downturns certainly can impact how people deal with complicating factors such as depression or family relationships. Such difficulties combine to boost the likelihood of suicide, but an overwhelming contributor is prescription drug use.

Some believe that suicide rates are actually underreported by up to 20%, with "accidental death" listed as a cause rather than intentional suicide. Over-self-medicating has become easier and easier as prescription drugs are so readily available. Once death has occurred it makes little difference whether the user had suicidal intentions. A prescription simply supplied the final element to create the "perfect storm" resulting in death.

Witnessing someone falling into this risk factor category – depressed and relying on substances to the point of abuse, whether street drugs, alcohol, or prescription drugs – is a critical red flag, as it results in 90% of suicide cases in the country. Available help includes the National Suicide Prevention Hotline (1-800-273-TALK) and local hospitals, but simple health suggestions may also be of benefit: see that the person is getting adequate vitamin B12, because deficiency is often linked to depression. Vitamin D, preferably from the sun, but if not, from supplements, is also critical. True whole salt is full of micronutrients and also supplies adequate sodium, without which symptoms of depression can occur. Excess sugar and artificial sweeteners must be avoided due to adverse brain responses. Exercise and a take charge attitude about life are also key.

Become informed if you or a loved one is in jeopardy, and above all else do not buy into prescriptions being the "answer" to any problems. No disease, no mental disorder, no depression is ever cause by the lack of a drug. (See Optimal™, Daily Combo™, O-Mega D™, Whole Salt™) New York Times.

Avoid Makeup to Maintain Reproductive Health

Phthalates are a common group of chemicals that are heavily used in makeup and other personal care items such as shampoo, perfumes, hair spray, body lotions, nail polish, and so on. The use of makeup and other cosmetics could bring on menopause anywhere from 2 to possibly as much as 15 years sooner than normal.

What to do? Stop using conventional makeup and personal care products and seek natural alternatives. Eating fresh food and minimizing the use of phthalate containing packaging will also help. And finally, make sure the diet is rich in the amino acid glycine, which is found in natural gelatin and can be bountiful in homemade bone broths. Glycine helps the liver perform its detox job. (See Wysong Body & Skin Health, Probiodent™, Shampoo & Conditioner, Household Products, Protein Key™)

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Vitamin C

In the 1970's, Dr. Archie Kalokerinos served the Aboriginal people in the mining region of Australia. During his time there he found that 50% of the infants were dying, and the majority of the deaths were the result of SIDS. He discovered that the people and their infants were almost completely deficient of vitamin C. After his findings he began a vitamin C supplement program, and shortly after the infant rate dropped to near zero. Subsequently, no child died of SIDS. (See Mega C™, Antioxidant Spectrum™, Daily Combo™, The Cholesterol Myth - Believe it to Your Peril) Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine.

Lycopene supplementation decreases oxidative stress and improves bone health in postmenopausal women.

(See Daily Combo™, Antioxidant Spectrum™) Osteoporos Int.

Probiotics increase bowel frequency in infants with chronic constipation.

(See Probiosyn™) J Pediatr.

Nutritional supplementation aids weight gain in HIV-infected patients experiencing weight loss.

(See Wysong Supplements)Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci.

Vitamin D reduces the incidence of acute viral respiratory tract infections in healthy adults.

(See O-Mega D™) PLoS One.

High plasma vitamin E linked to reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease.

(See Daily Combo™, Antioxidant Spectrum™) J Alzheimers Dis.

Copper supplementation reduces oxidative stress and improves cross linking of collagen in bone.

(See Chelamin™, Daily Combo™, Optimal™, Whole Salts™) J Trace Elem Med Biol.

Iron supplementation benefits patients with chronic heart failure.

(See Chelamin™, Daily Combo™, Optimal™) Eur Heart J.

Vitamin B6 supplementation improves inflammatory responses in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

(See Daily Combo™, Optimal™) Eur J Clin Nutr.


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